Advance EV Battery Cell Development

Advance electric vehicle (EV) Battery Cell Development

The electric vehicle (EV) battery is one of the most expensive components of the modern EV. Ensuring the battery pack delivers peak performance starts at the cell level, since the weakest cell will degrade the performance of the entire battery at the module and pack level.

At the R&D stage, developers in an EV battery cell test lab often have to handle thousands of test channels. They must characterize, select, and optimize both cell chemistry and material. Precise characterization of cells must also be done to determine internal resistance, efficiency, capacity, cyclical life span and calendar life, as well as reaction to temperature changes, and mechanical resistance, among other test parameters. In addition, impedance testing of battery cells can provide early warning of potential cell weakness or abnormal deterioration which can lead to battery failure.

The SL1007A is an EV battery cell tester for different cell types

Need a versatile battery tester for different cell types in your cell development process?

Test 64 channels, up to 6 V, and ±600 A

Reduce battery cell testing cost by using a tester with regenerative power

Looking for a cost-effective solution that can recyle used energy back to the grid?

Regenerative bi-directional power supply

 Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy can help you develop better battery cells for electric vehicles.

Wish to gain deeper insights into the characteristics of your cells?

Integrated electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

Keysight EV Battery Cell Test Solution

Offering an efficient and cost-effective battery cell test platform to help you save energy, even when running multiple channels, the Keysight EV Battery Cell Test Solution provides an environment for developing, characterizing, and analyzing EV battery cells.

Tackle Your Battery Cell Test Challenges

What's in Keysight's Scienlab Combined Battery Test Solution?

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