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Precision Source Performance and Rapid Measurement Results

The Keysight B2900 Series precision source measure unit (SMU) provides superior performance and usability at a reasonable price. These compact benchtop SMUs enable you to quickly take various I-V (current versus voltage) measurements requiring high resolution and accuracy. Easily view results on the user-friendly, color LCD graphic interface without changing connections.

  • Get accurate measure current and voltage using a single source measure unit instrument
  • Measure remotely from a PC without programming
  • Display I-V curves and other types of graphs on the front panel
  • Enjoy best-in-class 6.5-digit sourcing and measurement resolution
  • Source and measure resolution down to 10 fA and 100 nV
  • Improve testing efficiency while lowering the cost of ownership

PathWave BenchVue Power Supply Software

Provides easy control of your power supplies to set parameters and visualize I/V data on a trend chart.

  • Track and record your power supply output to understand the impact of the power draw for specific events.
  • Connect and control your power supplies through the cloud.
  • Export data to popular tools, such as MATLAB, Microsoft Excel, or Word for further analysis.
  • Create automated test sequences quickly with minimal instrument knowledge.

Control your B2900 Series Benchtop SMU

The Keysight B2900 Series SMUs offer multiple software application solutions for instrument remote control, including:

  • EasyEXPERT group+ device characterization software: Simplify common characterization tasks like test setup and execution, data analysis, and data management using the intuitive GUI interface.
  • PW9251A PathWave IV Curve Software: Perform I-V measurements and display measurement data in tables and graphs without the need to program.
  • BenchVue software: Integrate various Keysight instruments and control B2900 SMUs as voltage / current sources right from your PC.

Key Specifications

Max Output

210 V, 3 A DC
10.5 A Pulse

Max SMU Channels


Min Measurement Resolution

10 fA/100 nV



Max Speed

100,000 rdgs/s

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