Learn How To Architect For Network Visibility

Network visibility comes from collecting data from every switch point and intelligently distributing it so it can be turned into actionable information. Understand network visibility terminology.

Creating a visibility architecture increases network security, reduces costs and complexity, and strengthens regulatory compliance.


Network Visibility Use Cases

Once you see what a good network visibility solution can do, you will find there are lots of ways to implement them. While not all use cases will apply to every network configuration, every enterprise will benefit from a network architecture review.

Here are some general categories of visibility solutions:

Improve Network Security

Security begins at the network visibility layer. See how to eliminate blind spots, improve data flow to your security tools, and maximize your security resource availability.

Control Network Costs

Planning a network upgrade? You can reduce your network monitoring and security tool costs while increasing efficiency.

Improve Network Reliability

In a 24x7 world, network and application availability is everything. Simple changes in your network architecture can dramatically reduce downtime risk.

Remove Network Blind Spots

Blind spots exist in your network where you lose data and risk breaches. See three common examples and how to overcome them.

Strengthen Regulatory Compliance

Data protection regulations demand immediate and often time-consuming efforts. See how network visibility solutions can solve several of your compliance headaches.

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