Execute automated wafer-level low-frequency noise measurement with turnkey measurement drivers and measurement routines for WGFMU.


The W7801B PathWave WaferPro WGFMU Measurement includes:

  • Seamless integration with WaferPro Express measurement platform
  • Advanced data display and analysis, enabling noise data comparisons and modeling with respect to bias current
  • Automated control of all major wafer probing systems
  • Multiple built-in biasing schemes for flicker noise characterization
  • Measured data compatible with Keysight device modeling software
  • Ton and Toff analysis for RTN

The W7801B PathWave WaferPro Express WGFMU Measurement bundle efficiently performs at a low cost, an automated Random Telegraph Noise (RTN) measurement on the wafer using the B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer with the B1530A Waveform Generator/Fast Measurement Unit (WGFMU). It can improve the efficiency of RTN measurements and data analysis including wafer prober control.

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