• Issues due to current monolithic designs of network equipment:
    • Performance limitations at scale bound by hardware
    • Lack of customization to meet customer specific needs
  • Issues due to vendor proprietary APIs:
    • Additional development work to build the same set of tests each time for every new traffic appliance
    • Need of collaboration between teams in open networking world​
  • Issues due to portability of test between different form factors:​
    • Testing is integral part of CI/CD; developers need simulation/emulation​
    • Same test needs to run on hardware at line rate in system test bed​


  • Composable architecture:
    • Flexibility and cost effective: offload and scale out control plane services on general compute
    • Open solution enables possibility to custom-built to need
  • Open API design:
    • Model first approach by using open traffic generator​
    • Built for open-source communities
  • Portability of tests from SW to HW
    • Test port abstraction using common UX and portable software licensing​
    • Write once and run anywhere

Use Cases

  • Hyperscale control plane​
  • 400G line rate traffic testing​
  • Developers looking to build automation based on open API principles and leveraging GitHub community contributions​
  • Users where test completion (test bring up to end) time parameter is of high importance​
  • NEMs compliant to Google’s OpenConfig project, this platform enables them to run ONDATRA tests​
  • Model based API first approach
Use Case

What are the key benefits?

  • Cloud like agility that allows solution to scale up or down to meet customer’s changing needs​
  • Going beyond traditional traffic generator limitations with new architecture that can meet the highest demands of control plane performance​
  • Manage costs more efficiently with flexibility to run control plane services on your own compute​
  • Build highly customized solution for your needs by integrating UHD400T with your custom control plane services​
  • Build tests once and run across different formfactors under Keysight Elastic Network Generator umbrella ​
  • Reuse licenses across container based traffic generator to line rate hardware traffic generator​
  • Order of 'n' faster than legacy traffic generator APIs​

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