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Network engineers building large-scale disaggregated networks often have limitations with the existing test platforms for their specific testing needs. New network paradigms typically follow open, scale-out and scale-up architectures capable of quickly adapting to the ever-growing demands of highly distributed applications.

While traditional test platforms can solve many test use cases, their monolithic closed proprietary architecture has restrictions due to resources available in the device. In the age of open-networking to enable industry wide codesign there is also a push to move to vendor-agnostic open API standards.

The test industry needs to evolve to keep up with the changing needs of emerging network architectures. UHD400T directly addresses these issues.


Keysight's UHD400T solution is a white-box switch based 400GE traffic generator built with an open testing platform architecture. It offers the industry's first hardware test platform with disaggregated control plane service and data plane service. The platform can scale its data plane independently while allowing complete offloading of its control plane services to an external compute system. Additionally, with UHD400T you can choose to run custom applications that meets the need of your in-house workflows.

UHD400T's APIs follow the OTG design model, creating the advantage of executing the same API based automation tests as the entire OTG family of traffic generators. These range from containerized software solutions to line rate hardware-based traffic generators.

The result of such an open, flexible disaggregated architecture is that it is highly optimized for performance. Users can reap the benefits of this platform to save time and move faster with quicker regression executions.


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