Handheld, Modular, and USB Oscilloscopes

High-end technology in rack and portable form factors

Achieve High-quality Measurements

Some tests require professional-level measurements in a more portable, stackable form factor. However, you shouldn’t have to compromise quality for size. Keysight’s USB Streamline Series — handheld and modular oscilloscopes — make high-end technology available wherever you need it, so you can always measure with confidence.

Benchtop Capabilities in a Compact Form

Get the professional-level functionality you need to test with more efficiency and accuracy:

  • Get many of the same capabilities you find in a benchtop instrument, but in extremely portable form factors
  • See more signal detail with some models reaching update rates of up to 1,000,000 waveforms / second
  • Leverage accurate and repeatable measurements, automated code capability, and a consistent, intuitive user experience
  • Customize your instrument with application-specific software and a wide range of probing options

Make Measurements You Can Trust

Making reliable measurements requires a fundamental understanding of how to effectively use your oscilloscope as well as common measurement mistakes. Learn how to develop this core knowledge and ensure you make high quality, repeatable measurements every time.

Extend the Capabilities of Your Modular, Handheld, or USB Oscilloscope

Customize your oscilloscope with additional features and functions that make testing easier. Our extensive selection of software, probes, accessories, and services ensures you can make the most accurate measurements possible. These are available for purchase with the original instrument or anytime thereafter. With Keysight, you'll always have the latest capabilities.


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Explore our ever-expanding selection of resources to help you make more accurate measurements, ultimately leading to a better design.

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