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The Keysight Femto / Picoammeters and Electrometers / High Resistance Meters offer best-in-class measurement performance and unprecedented features to maximize your measurement confidence. The Femto / Picoammeters and Electrometers both offer 0.01 fA (0.01 x 10-15 A) minimum current resolution, which meets virtually all existing and future low-level current measurement needs. The Electrometers feature a 1,000 V voltage sourcing capability that supports up to 10 PΩ (10 x 1015 Ω) resistance measurements. Both of the Femto / Picoammeter and Electrometer have battery powered versions to eliminate AC power line noise, providing unmatched level of noise reduction, enabling low-level measurements that were previously impossible.

  • Measure resistance up to 10 PΩ (10 x 1015 Ω)
  • Get a picoammeter and electrometer in battery-powered versions
  • Eliminate the AC power line noise when making low-level measures
  • Analyze chart results using the 4.3” liquid crystal display that supports a variety of viewing modes — numeric, trend chart, and histogram)
  • Select the appropriate measurement using the built-in real-time noise monitor
  • Capture transient device and material behavior perform a quick statistical analyses
  • Isolate the cause of noise from external setups (cables, connectors, adapters, chambers) with the Keysight optional setup integrity checker

Key Specifications

Max Range

2 pA

Current Measurement

0.01 fA - 20 mA

Measurement Resolution

6 1/2 Digits



Max Speed

20,000 rdg/s

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Notice: The B2980A series Femto / Picoammeters and Electrometers / High Resistance Meters such as B2981A, B2983A, B2985A and B2987A will be discontinued on December 1, 2021. The last day to place an order for this product is November 30, 2021. Keysight will continue to provide world-class support for this product for the standard period of 5 years.

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