In the innovation age, technology advancements are always in development. The next generation of cellular technology will make huge improvements in bandwidth utilization, data delivery, and application enablement. We work with the community of innovators to help define 6G standards. It is expected that 6G will offer download speeds approaching 1 terabit per second, one micro-second latency, and unlimited bandwidth. 6G will enable ingenious ways for people to interact with their surroundings, including instantaneous communication, connected robotics and autonomous systems, and wireless artificial intelligent interactions. Building upon our leadership and expertise in 5G, we can help you make the vision of 6G a reality.

Ready to Tackle 6G?

6G R&D Testbed

Addressing the bandwidth and performance demands of 6G is challenging.

Keysight's R&D wideband sub-terahertz (THz) testbed features an arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) that generates a wideband intermediate frequency (IF), which is upconverted to H-band (220-330 GHz). The signal is downconverted to an IF and digitized with a UXR high-performance oscilloscope, then demodulated and analyzed using PathWave Vector Signal Analysis (VSA) software.

6G Research

As a founding member of the 6G Flagship Program, Keysight can help you with your groundbreaking 6G research.

Download the white papers to learn more about these areas:

  • 6G design and test challenges
  • a new sub-terahertz testbed for 6G research
  • conducted sub-terahertz wide- and extreme-bandwidth measurement results
  • over-the-air sub-terahertz testbed measurements
6G Testbed

6G Sub-Terahertz R&D Testbed

Tackle emerging 6G R&D testing challenges

Test Your 6G Designs Today

This 6G sub-terahertz R&D testbed is flexible and scalable to address a multitude of frequency bands, frequency bandwidths, and waveform types. This flexibility allows you to tackle emerging 6G R&D testing challenges with up to 10 GHz of bandwidth at D-band (110-170 GHz) and G-band (140-220 GHz), and up to 30 GHz of bandwidth at H-band (220-330 GHz).

Applications include:

  • 6G waveform prototyping and testing
  • 6G sub-terahertz R&D hardware testing
  • 6G wideband D-band (110-170 GHz), G-band (140-220 GHz), and H-band (220-330 GHz) signal generation and analysis

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