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Keysight offers dedicated phase noise analyzer systems to simplify your phase noise measurements and maximize your efficiency. Building on 35 years of low phase noise, RF design, and measurement experience, Keysight's innovative phase noise testers provide the most accurate data possible and are economically tailored to fit your needs now and into the future.

Better Ways to Measure Phase Noise

The SSA-X family of signal source analyzers and their unmatched capabilities are inspiring engineers to make the switch. The SSA-X not only measures very low phase noise and residual noise up to 54 GHz, but it also shortens measurement time. It can even measure beyond 54 GHz with an external downconverter for mmWave applications such as 6G and automotive. Learn more about the E5055A, E5056A, E5057A, and E5058A.

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Measuring Phase Noise

Reducing phase noise in an oscillator, synthesizer, amplifier and other electronic components enables higher throughput in digital communications systems and higher sensitivity in radar systems that use these components. In order to design better components and systems with lower phase noise, we need to measure the noise added to a system. There are several instruments to accomplish this with and in this video we will show three different instruments that can be used to measure phase noise. The world-class, extremely low phase noise VXG vector signal generator will be analyzed with the SSA-X, PNTS, and UXR. We will also describe why phase noise is such an important metric for a signal generator.

VXG Phase Noise Image

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