Industrial IOT and TSN

Complex industrial networks have traditionally used special busses or modified version of Ethernet to solve challenges specific to timely delivery and reliability of critical control data. This approach brings two challenges: special-purpose technology makes it more difficult to develop new IoT applications and is costlier to maintain.

To solve these challenges the IEEE created the time sensitive networking (TSN) suite of standards, a successor of IEEE audio video bridging (AVB) that enables minimum latency over Ethernet, seamless redundancy, and centralized configuration and control. With TSN, companies can use standard Ethernet to implement a more cost-effective network that enables a converged IT/OT network that shares the same wire for critical time sensitive traffic and regular traffic.

Industrial IoT TSN Time Sensitive Networking
Solving TSN Test Challenges

Solving TSN Test Challenges

Keysight products enable real-world validation of emerging technologies, substantiating the very edge of standards development. Equipment makers and companies use Keysight test equipment to ensure devices and even whole networks meet the conformance criteria of TSN standards and the performance criteria of applications.

Powered by Novus ONE PLUS fixed chassis, Xcellon-Multis AVB 40/10GE load modules, and Metronome timing system, IxNetwork a field-proven AVB/TSN test solution validating that components and networks adhere to standards specifications. It is used by industrial and network equipment manufacturers and industry forums such as the Industrial Internet Consortium TSN Testbed to validate devices adhere to the TSN standards:

  • IEEE 802.1Qbv TSN Scheduled Traffic—the foundation for low latency TSN
  • IEEE 802.1AS time synchronization of devices and network through gPTP
  • IEEE gPTP-rev functionality related to multiple time domains and redundancy
  • IEEE AVB standards: 802.1Qav (CBS/FQTSS), 802.1Qat (MSRP), 1722/33

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