Model Builder Program is a one-stop solution that provides both automation and flexibility for high-volume model generation. The software includes automated extraction packages for industry standard models as well as an open interface for modeling strategy customization. Turnkey solutions are also provided for the advanced statistical and mismatch model extraction, layout proximity effects (LPE) modeling, static random access memory (SRAM) cell modeling, HVMOS modeling, scalable Inductor modeling and corner library generation.

Model Builder Program is a complete modeling solution that integrates SPICE simulation, model parameter extraction and model library generation. The software supports the latest standard models including BSIM-BULK, BSIM-CMG and BSIM-IMG for logic, analog and RF designs. Besides compact models, Model Builder Program also supports the macro (subcircuit) model and Verilog-A model. It provides automatic extraction packages. The script environment enables extraction flow customization, device target definition and GUI operations. With its superior optimization technology and advanced features, Model Builder Program provides the most comprehensive, accurate and efficient modeling solutions, especially for silicon devices.

Key Benefits of Model Builder Program

  • Automated extraction packages and the internal engine to increase modeling productivity.
  • Script environment to increase the flexibility for customization.
  • User friendly GUI and a rich set of modeling utilities to further increase the working efficiency and improve model quality.

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