The Most Accurate Way to Test Energy Storages

Scienlab test systems from Keysight comprehensively and reliably test battery cells, modules, packs and battery management systems (BMS) for e-mobility, mobile, industrial, and stationary use. Keysight’s test systems with the Scienlab Energy Storage Discover (ESD) software helps you run customized performance, function, aging, and environmental tests. ESD includes standards compliance and conformance tests (e.g., ISO, DIN EN, and SAE).

Keysight Battery Cell Test Laboratory


Keysight offers innovative and flexible Scienlab solutions for a variety of test requirements.

  • Regeneration capabilities that ensure first-class energy- and cost-efficiency
  • Constant measurement precision using the module as a cell test system
  • Impedance spectroscopy in every channel
  • Synchronized recording of measurement data
  • Precise measuring technology for reproducible results
  • Modular concept for a flexible layout of the test environment

Drive the Future of E-Mobility

Accelerate the development and validation of batteries with Keysight’s Scienlab Battery Test Solutions. From cell chemistry to battery pack Keysight’s holistic approach is your key to success:

Streamline Your Battery Test Lab Management

Explore how Keysight’s PathWave Lab Operations Software for Battery Test helps you modernize your test workflows, eliminating legacy paper-based processes, and increasing data integrity and traceability. The integrated, web-based platform provides a 360-degree view of your lab—assets, software, test plans, results, reports—at virtually any time and place along your R&D workflow. Choose the suite and modules that meet your test requirements, or add modules later, giving you complete flexibility and cost-effectiveness.


Reduce budget challenges with KeysightAccess subscription service.

Extend Your Capabilities With The Right Tools

Technology is constantly changing. So too are the requirements engineers face. Get more functionality out of your existing hardware today by complementing it with the right accessories to improve productivity and the right Keysight PathWave design and test automation software to accelerate your product development.

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