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  • A quick and easy setup wizard guides the user through selections and automatically identifies signals probed by the N7020A and N7024A Power Rail probes.
  • No crosstalk simulation or modeling is required when using the PI Analysis application.
  • Analyze the adverse interactions between power supplies and digital lines. Power supply induced jitter (PSIJ) or voltage-dependent amplitude noise when the power rail is the aggressor. Simultaneous switching noise (SSN) when the power rail is the victim.
  • Before-and-after views of the victim waveform are presented for quick and easy visual qualitative assessment.
  • Waveforms are automatically labeled for easy recognition—“victim”, “aggressor” and “crosstalk removed”.
  • Quantitative analysis unique to the victim signal type is also presented—before-and-after peak-peak noise measurements and FFT’s if the supply is the victim, before-and-after eye diagrams of the digital signal when it is the victim.
  • Additional measurements can be performed on either the before or after waveforms at the user’s discretion (math functions, waveform measurements, jitter analysis, et cetera).
  • Analysis can also be performed on saved waveform data. This allows users to study their data offline or to study previous revisions of data.
  • Compatible with all Infiniium oscilloscopes with firmware 6.30 or greater.

The PI analysis application lets users define a DC supply as either a victim of or an aggressor to, other periodic transitioning signals and quantifies the amount of adverse interaction involved. In this way, users can see what their DC supply and/or digital signals would look like if they were immune to the negative effects of each other. With this insight, users can make informed decisions about what, if any, the next steps they would take to clean up their dc supplies.

The PI Analysis application works optimally with the N7020A and N7024A Power Rail probes. Although it can work with other probes used to capture power rail data, the best results will be obtained when used with the N7020A or N7024A due to their low noise and large offset range. D9010POWA is compatible with the following oscilloscopes: Infiniium S-, V-, Z-, UXR-, MXR-, and EXR-Series.

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