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Service providers are under constant pressure to modernize networks and deliver an exceptional user experience. Ensure your virtualized and 5G networks are high-performing and cost-effective, with solutions for pre-deployment testing, resilient security, total packet access, and continual performance monitoring.

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Introducing IXPROBE

Meet Tough SLAS and Lock In Service Assurance with Inline and Active Monitoring

For network service providers and the clients who count on them, SLAs are the pulse of business. But as expectations around quality of service (QoS) continue to rise, meeting them can be hard without monitoring last-mile connectivity — threatening your ability to offer lucrative service assurance, satisfy customers, and maintain network access across client sites.

An inline monitoring probe, IxProbe combines real-time monitoring, SLA verification, and synthetic QoS testing via Hawkeye — putting you in control of your network's edge with fewer truck rolls, faster troubleshooting, and effortless deployment at scale.

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Use testing and network insight to keep service delivery strong.

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Network Visibility

Build a visibility fabric - network packet brokers, taps, bypass switches and more.

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Network Performance and Security

Know how your network is running so you can hit tough SLAs - then secure it.

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