As the end of Moore’s law draws near, quantum technology provides the means to achieve breakthroughs in computing. The unique properties of superposition and entanglement enable previously unimagined performance in quantum applications like computing, communications, and sensing. As quantum research enters this new phase in physics and mathematics, you can use engineering to build real systems.


Quantum computing uses the properties of quantum superposition and entanglement to solve previously unsolvable problems. Keysight’s qubit control solutions and precise measurement instrumentation enable researchers to engineer and scale superior systems.


Many quantum-mechanical platforms, such as trapped ions, superconducting circuits, and silicon spins, can physically realize a quantum two-level system, or qubit. Keysight’s broad solution portfolio includes control and measurement solutions for the leading qubit technologies:

  • superconducting
  • silicon spin
  • trapped ion


The complexity of synchronizing multiple control signals rises as the number of qubits increases. Leveraging an open field-programmable gate array (FPGA) architecture, Keysight’s modular and scalable solutions provide flexibility and low latency while optimizing cost and space.


Labber offers a complete, yet easy-to-use solution for instrument control and lab automation. Our software helps the quantum scientist or engineer maximize their experimental potential. Realize faster results with simple experimental set-up, intuitive visualization of results, and the efficient organization of collected data.


As quantum technology moves from research to the engineering phase, countries need more engineers ready to master the scaling of quantum systems. These engineers need deep knowledge of quantum physics and expertise in electrical design and measurements. Keysight has designed just the right courses to impart RF, microwave, and measurement expertise to budding quantum engineers. Follow these links to learn about Keysight’s offerings in engineering education.

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