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5G Networks Must Deliver High Performance and QOS

Are you ready for 5G? With the implementation of 5G over the next decade, both network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and operators will face new challenges in testing their hardware, software, and end-to-end deployments. 5G technology is quite different from 4G/Long Term Evolution (LTE) and will bring together some of the most challenging aspects of existing approaches.

Test architecture must evolve and adapt for 5G, effectively validating use cases like enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), massive machine type communications (mMTC), and ultra-reliable and low-latency communications (URLLC). Which use case will provide the most ARPU — eMBB, URLCC, or mMTC? How will 5G interact with and overlay 4G networks? Trust Keysight to find answers to these challenging questions.

Real-World UE and Apps Emulation to Meet 5G Test Needs

For 5G testing, needs will change over the network and service lifecycle. But common factors include the need to emulate real-world environments to expose defects early, speed in developing and updating test systems, multi-functional test capabilities, and consistency in delivering traceable, repeatable results at each phase.

With the flexibility to test on different interfaces to the base station environment, our 5G test solutions offer end-to-end validation across RAN and Core. You'll have the scalability to grow to emulate thousands of UEs with the industry's most realistic and dynamic subscriber and traffic modeling.

Real-World UE and Apps Emulation to Meet 5G Test Needs
Validation Across Hybrid 3G, 4G, and 5G

Validation Across Hybrid 3G, 4G, and 5G

High-quality user experience will be delivered by a consistent blanket of high-speed connectivity, so 5G non-standalone (NSA) requires a strong 4G GigLTE anchor. Our test solution addresses critical 5G validation requirements for improved reliability and performance. It supports existing 3G and 4G network architectures and use cases, while meeting the more demanding requirements for 5G emerging architectures. Enabling testing with not only a strong 4G anchor in RAN but also the 5G NR, plus extended capacity in the 4G EPC, you're able to optimize the 5G NSA (Non-Standalone), validate virtualization technologies and cloud-optimized network functions, and qualify emerging architectures and standards.

Assess 5G Convergence at Scale

5G Core (5GC) introduces many innovative technologies including new protocols, service-based architecture, virtualization, and network slicing. The elastic nature of the 5GC network creates new challenges for testing the core network elements, both in isolation and in end-to-end setups.

Powered by high-scale 5GC test engine, our 5G Core Testing solution allows service providers and NEMs to test the cellular networks of tomorrow, from end-to-end or in isolation, and measure subscriber quality of experience. It provides the needed insight into making sure operators can monetize services as advertised, based on measurable key performance indicators (KPIs). Keysight is enabling a smooth transition to 5G with best-in-class wireless test solutions that validate the quality of experience of wireless services at massive scale.

Assess 5G Convergence at Scale
5G NR UE Emulation

5G NR UE Emulation

Keysight’s UeSIM provides state-of-the-art user equipment (UE) emulation that enables a powerful gNB test solution. It offers a complete, 360-degree validation of 5G RAN by generating realistic and easily configured traffic models and call patterns. Fully scalable, our solution has been designed to accelerate multi-standard end-to-end network verification by generating IP traffic load, simulating applications running on thousands of concurrent devices operating real voice and data sessions. Both conducted and live testing across the full range of frequencies are supported, with the possibility to cover real-world scenarios spanning protocol and load testing in the lab to field testing, trials and deployments.

Validate Virtual Infrastructures and Functions

Replacing hardware devices with software functions running on white box servers in the data center offers unprecedented flexibility and agility, and is also required for 5G implementations. At the same time, NFV migration presents challenges for understanding the performance and scale of VNF and the underlying NFV infrastructure (NFVi). We can help you ensure carrier-class performance for your next-generation networks, including:

  • VNF and NFVi benchmarking
  • Onboarding and lifecycle management
  • Service chain validation
  • Edge computing

Learn more about Keysight solutions for NFV.

Network Function Virtualization NFV Migration Challenges

5G Lab Testing With High Performance UE Simulation

This webinar walks through initial use cases driving user plane function (UPF) deployment. It covers several critical aspects such as multi-access edge computing (MEC) and quality of service (QoS) enforcement per session and flow.

Your 5G Test Partner

Being first and best in 5G requires a team that’s a step ahead. From early designs to amazing user experience, Keysight’s solutions and people are enabling the industry to navigate through its toughest transitions. We will equip you to take control across your workflow with insights that span Layers 1 through 7.

To drive the 5G revolution, your device engineers must successfully navigate technology evolution in multiple domains. As the 5G timeline accelerates, Keysight is guiding the way with end-to-end workflow solutions that are ready before you need them. Get a head start with engineering know-how and ecosystem insights by joining us — and our market-leading customers — on the fastest path to 5G.

Keysight is helping solve design challenges ahead of each technology wave. We do this by delivering an ongoing stream of timely solutions that span the device ecosystem. Our end-to-end approach offers solutions that holistically address and optimize your workflow. The foundation is Keysight’s peaked expertise in 5G technologies, solutions and services, a combination that enables you to accelerate innovation in new-generation devices.

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