How To Characterize 6G Components

4-Port PNA-X Network Analyzer
Spectrum Analysis up to 125 GHz
+ 4-Port PNA-X Network Analyzer
+ Spectrum Analysis up to 125 GHz

Characterizing components at sub-THz frequencies without introducing error

Characterizing sub-THz components for 6G requires more than S-parameters to be comprehensive. Noise figure, gain compression, and error vector magnitude as well as a number of other modulated measurements are needed to create a complete picture to predict component performance in a system. To accurately characterize components at these sub-THz frequencies, time-domain and frequency-domain measurements are essential.

The setup for 6G sub-THz component characterization requires a modulated wideband signal source and a vector network analyzer that can both take S-parameter measurements and traditional modulated measurements. These systems must be fully clock locked in order to reduce the phase noise at sub-THz frequencies. Finally, given the effects the test system and any fixtures can have on these sub-THz signals, source calibration is critical to ensure an ideal test signal at the device under test (DUT) input reference plane.


6G component characterization solution

Characterizing sub-THz components requires instrumentation that can accurately make S-parameter and modulated measurements at new 6G frequencies without introducing error. The Keysight 6G Vector Component Analysis Solution comprises a 4-port PNA-X network analyzer, test set controller, arbitrary waveform generator, and external up and downconverters. Working together, these products streamline sub-THz component characterization and predict system performance with time and frequency domain measurements from a single test system.

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