A True RMS Meter, Operational Down to Sub-zero Temperatures

The tightly sealed design of the Keysight U1270 Series helps protect against water, dust, and damage. Confidently carry out tests and measurements with this true RMS meter, even in harsh working conditions.

  • IP54-certified sturdy DMMs are reliable even at low temperatures and high altitudes.
  • Peak detect function allows you to capture the engine or motor startup transient as fast as 250 µs.
  • Record measurements of up to 10,000 readings for manual, auto, and event logging.
  • Low pass filter (LPF) removes unwanted high-frequency signals for more accurate variable frequency drive (VFD) output measurements.
  • Eliminate ghost voltage with low input impedance mode, ZLow.
  • Never miss a beep with visual and audio continuity alerts.

A handheld DMM for all conditions

Don't let adverse conditions stop you. With the U1273a handheld multimeter, you will be ready for any environment.

  • The OLED display provides precise measurement readings with 2000:1 contrast ratio.
  • Wide viewing angles up to 160 degrees ensure you get the right readings at first glance even in poorly lit environments.
  • All U1270 Series models are operational at high altitudes up to 3,000 meters above sea level ad frigid conditions down to -40°C.
U1273A Handheld digital multimeter

Key Specifications


4.5 digits

Basic 1-Year DCV Accuracy


Low Pass Filter and Peak Detect


IP Rating

IP 54

Max Altitude

3,000 meters

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