Battery, the Heart of IoT Devices  

The need for convenience and portability has led to ever-smaller, battery-operated Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This means that battery life is more important than ever. However, measuring and managing battery life have not been easy.

The Keysight X8712A is an IoT device battery-life-optimization solution that consists of a DC power analyzer,  20 W or 80 W battery drain analyzer source/measure unit (SMU) modules, RF event detector, and dedicated software in one integrated solution.  

  • Estimate battery life easily.
  • Measure dynamic current with seamless ranging. 
  • Break down total consumption by subsystems.
  • Detect RF events from 100 MHz to 2.9 GHz.
  • Detect RF events over a 40 dB range.
  • Get support for various radio technologies, including Bluetooth®, WLAN, Zigbee, NB-IoT, LoRa, and Sigfox.
  • Validate your device in real-world operating mode with KS833A2A PathWave Event-Based Power Analysis Software.

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Get a closer look at the products that comprise this solution through 3D models and animation.

Estimating battery runtime is critical, but not enough

To get the most out of your IoT device's battery, you need to understand which RF and subcircuit events are causing battery charge consumption. This will enable you to make the hardware and firmware programming decisions that will optimize your battery's runtime.

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