PathWave System DesignThe W1724EP STK Interface for SystemVue is an interface between AGI STK software and SystemVue for enhanced radar / EW visualization and environment modelling. Once your waveform is processed, the SystemVue STK link produces a dispersive channel that resembles real world effects not found in any other EDA solution.

The capabilities and complexity of modern Radar and EW systems are rapidly expanding. System designers need to model digital algorithm performance combined with accurate RF impairments to predict overall system success. It is increasingly important to test these designs with many different complex scenarios to validate Radar and EW system performance. Companies are turning to simulation to help validate their designs earlier in the design cycle to offset complex and costly real-world testing.

STK Link for PathWave System Design

Solution Details

Systems Tool Kit (STK) by AGI allows designers to create accurate real-world scenarios of modern combat and EW environments. Users can simulate the entire system in action at any location and at any time to predict system behavior and mission performance. SystemVue links to these models to accurately model the dynamic channel behavior of complex Radar and EW Tx/Rx systems. The SystemVue and STK integrated virtual platform helps designers locate and address system weak points prior to field deployment, saving companies from extensive re-design effort after production.

PathWave System Design Phased Array with STK Scenario and Visualization

Figure 1. PathWave System Design Phased Array with STK Scenario and Visualization.

Radar/EW in PathWave System Design (SystemVue)

Scenarios created with PathWave System Design and STK can include Radar and EW signal generation and processing, as well as environmental effects like clutter, jamming, interference, targets, and simulated platform and target hardware specific parameters. The ability to simulate not only a Radar/EW system concept, but the full deployment environment enables unprecedented development speed and provides rapid prototyping capabilities for any Radar/EW system development.

  • Create proposals and assess feasibility quickly
  • Accurate Radar system architecture and scenario analysis
  • Algorithmic reference and test vector generation for baseband DSP hardware
  • Radar/EW test signal generation, processing and analysis
  • Include realistic RF effects, clutter, RCS, and target returned waveforms
  • Leverage existing MATLAB, HDL, and C++ algorithms
  • Reduce the need for expensive chambers, hardware emulators, faders, and field testing in the early phases of design

PathWave System Design (SystemVue) connects to many of Keysight’s leading measurement solutions, including the M8190 and M8195 AWGs, the M9703A/B High Speed Digitizer/Wideband Digital Receiver, and advanced systems such as the N5193 UXG. Create custom waveforms and measurements and download them to your instrumentation.

PathWave System Design with Radar Library

Figure 2. PathWave System Design with Radar Library.

Product Information

PathWave System Design (SystemVue) 2020 is the first release that includes the STK Link. Used in conjunction with the existing Radar library and the RF system modeling capabilities of SystemVue, it provides a complete system design and verification platform for EW and Radar designers.

  • W1464BP/BT – SystemVue RF Architect
  • W1720EP/ET – Phased Array Toolkit
  • W1724EP/ET – STK Link
  • W1905EP/ET – Radar Library

Note: Systems Tool Kit (STK) is available from AGI (http://www.agi.com/home). AGI restricts sales of STK to certain countries; please consult with your AGI sales representative for more information.

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