• Parallel test architecture
  • True 4-up parallel, supporting heterogenous boards
  • Enhanced to support combination of ICT and functional test
  • A small foot print inline automated ICT – 850 mm
  • Fits larger boards, with 40 mm bottom clearance
  • Integrated inline automated solution with Keysight’s worldwide support

The enhanced Keysight Flexicore i1000 ICT system with parallel test capability addresses key increasing trends in manufacturing while retaining all previous features. With the increased depth and built-in instrument rack, it is ready to combine both ICT and functional test, all in one automated system.

Keysight’s Flexicore i1000 inline ICT helps you to accelerate production ramp up, while ensuring the quality of your products through some key unique features:

  • Heterogenous panels in a board is easily addressed using the new parallel test architecture, easily configure 2/3/4 modules in parallel
  • Flexibility to configure active modules for maximum productivity, with an increased node count to 2,560
  • Fast change over, with automatic switching of test with hardware configuration loaded
  • Repurpose as a combination or purposed ICT or functional tester, or an automated volume flashing station

With a robust mechanical handler design, ready with automated programmable conveyor width adjustment, pneumatic dual-stage press with a 1mm accuracy, and an optimized control environment optimized for parallel testing, the Keysight Flexicore is your answer to a one-in-all solution for your dynamically evolving and throughput intensive production lines.


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