Make your programming and development effortless with per pin programmable digital cards and intuitive software. With its digital capabilities, the Medalist i1000D performs digital PCF/VCL library-based testing, Boundary Scan, and I2C/SPI serial programming on a simple, low-cost long-wired test fixture. Get better test coverage without increasing your test cost.

Digital Coverage

  • The digital subsystem of the i1000D harnesses the simplicity and power from the industry-leading Medalist i3070 ICT, to give you the power to adjust test speeds, drive and receive voltages with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Complete Boundary Scan Capabilities

  • Get more ICT power with full boundary scan capabilities, from Standard Boundary Scan and Connect Test to Interconnect Test.

Powerful Debug Interface

  • The digital debug user interface leverages the control and flexibility of the legendary i3070 PushButton debug GUI, giving you full control of the digital test parameters and test source codes.

Low-Cost Fixturing

  • The Medalist i1000D runs digital tests using a traditional MDA-style long wired press down fixture. Boundary Scan tests, Serial Programming, Library-based tests all run without a glitch. Users now have a test solution that is simple and effective, and at the same time keep their operational costs down with the MDA-style fixtures.


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