Measure still surface temperatures within -50°C to 400°C; works with handheld clamp meters, DMMs, scopes, and calibrators.


The temperature probe measures still surface temperature within the range of -50°C to 400°C. U1182A is used together with the U1586B temperature module. U1182A is compatible with the following handheld devices:

  • Handheld Clamp Meter – U1212A, U1213A
  • Handheld DMM – U1241A, U1241B, U1242A, U1242B, U1251A, U1252B, U1253A, U1253B, U1271A, U1272A
  • Handheld Scope – U1602A, U1602B, U1604A, U1604B
  • Handheld Calibrator – U1401A, U1401B


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