Meet the SL1001A Scienlab Battery Test System – Module Level Series

The SL1001A Scienlab Battery Test System for module level is a test platform that provides a complete test setup with unique testing capabilities to validate the performance of modules for different applications. Built as a bidirectional regenerative source and sink it performs the tests with the highest efficiency.

  • Efficient and cost-effective operation ensured by energy recovery capabilities during performance and lifetime tests with high channel count.
  • Optimized integration of BMS values in the automation system for synchronization, as input value, or as switch-off criteria directly in the test sequence.
  • Multi-purpose test system to bridge the levels:
    • Coverage of lower voltage applications with a starting range of 20 V
    • Coverage of higher voltage applications with ranges up to 300 V
    • Optional cell test integration extending the range down to 0 V (0 to 6 V range) and allowing a four-quadrant operation

High Performance for All Your Applications

With the integration of cells into modules the scaling is not limited to the voltage and power, but also the measurements are increasing. To ensure a wide-ranging and reliable test performance the test system needs to extend the measurement capabilities by:

  • Recording of several temperatures to investigate the cells' reciprocal electrical and thermal influence
  • Verifying the mechanical connections and the performance of the module
  • Communicate with the Battery Management System (BMS)
Scienlab Laboratory

Drive the Future of E-Mobility

Accelerate the development and validation of batteries with Keysight’s Scienlab Battery Test Solutions. From cell chemistry to battery pack Keysight’s holistic approach is your key to success:

Key Specifications

Voltage Range

20 – 300 V

Current Options

100 – 750 A

Power Options

2 – 68 kW


± 0.05% of measured value

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