Nemo Analyze is a powerful desktop-based solution for analyzing field test data, with professional post-processing analysis on test data from cellular networks.


Improve network quality and end-user service with effective analysis of wireless network parameters

Fast and efficient post-processing and analysis of drive test data

  • Provides a complete automated data processing chain with other Nemo tools from raw measurement data to automatically generated results in workbook format
  • Best-in-class data visualization with fully customizable, time-synchronized multi–page workbooks and a comprehensive set of data views, including maps, grids, line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts, surface grids, color grids, and spreadsheets
  • 3D visualization of 5G NR field test data and beams
  • Fully customizable KPIs and reporting
  • Data visualization on web-based live maps, Google Maps, and OpenStreetMap
  • Diverse reporting options from instant reporting to MS Excel compatible reporting. Comprehensive CDR-based off-the-shelf reports available for voice and data, with support for technologies from GSM to VoLTE, LTE 8CC and 5G NR
  • Best and up-to-date support for data from Nemo measurement tools

Support for latest technologies

  • Up-to-date support for all 3GPP network technologies, including 5G NR, LTE/LTE-A CA, IoT, IMS Voice (VoLTE, VoNR, etc.)
  • Full automation of the data processing chain, from drive test data upload to full analysis results
  • Seamless integration with Nemo products ensures correct interpretation of the measurement data produced by your Nemo tools
  • The PostgreSQL database engine has a strong reputation for reliability, data integrity, feature robustness, and performance

Nemo Analyze for professional post-processing of drive test data

Nemo Analyze is a highly efficient and fully scalable analysis tool for benchmarking, automated troubleshooting, and statistical reporting based on drive test data. For benchmarking, its predetermined report templates help compare KPIs from different operators, technologies, and time frames, and visualize the results in a single report. Nemo Analyze supports all the major network technologies. The proven architecture, robust feature set, and extensibility of the PostgreSQL database enables concurrent data uploads and powerful automation capabilities, especially for enterprise use and for other large-scale environments.

Versatile drive test post-processing

Nemo Analyze is the ideal post-processing solution for data produced by Nemo tools. Nemo Analyze supports Windows 10/11, 64-bit. Integrating Nemo Analyze with other Nemo tools provides a complete automated data processing chain from raw measurement data to automatically generated results in workbook format.

Market-leading 5G NR analytics

Nemo Analyze supports the analysis of 5G NR scanning receiver and UE measurements performed with Nemo data collection tools. Nemo supports a leading set of KPIs for advanced 5G NR analytics. Nemo Analyze provides a comprehensive set of ready-made report templates and playback workbooks with all the key metrics and KPIs for quick analysis and an automated routine for plotting the SSB beam footprints of all beams is also included. 5G NR beams can be visualized on a 3D map to detect the attenuation of buildings and trees on the signal level and to evaluate beam width and coverage in real life. In addition, Nemo Analyze supports measurements done with Keysight´s FieldFox portable spectrum analyzer.

For more information about Nemo Network Solutions, please visit Keysight Nemo Wireless Network Solutions.

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