Perform power amplifier measurements with connection to the signal generator.


  • 30-Day Free Trial for X-Series Measurement Applications
  • Characterize power amplifier (PA) with pre-distortion applied in RF and millimeter wave, with simple and integrated multi-touch user interface
  • Provide smart link for automated signal generator closed loop control with power servo to auto-adjust PA output power
  • Extracts DPD model and apply Pre-distortion to linearize PA output with supported DPD model as Look-up table (LUT), Volterra Series, Memory Polynomial
  • Show both Pre-DPD and Post-DPD measurement results in one screen, for ease of comparison. Easily switch between Pre-DPD and Post-DPD results
  • Support PA measurements with AM/AM, AM/PM, ACP, Delta EVM, Demod EVM (5G NR and 802.11ac/ax/be), Power vs Demod EVM
  • Supports multi-carrier measurements to show EVM results in single screen
  • Support frequency up to 44 GHz with 2 GHz bandwidth with UXA and VXG
  • Control the VXG and apply the DPD function directly to improve the PA/DPD measurement speed
  • Support Keysight signal studio waveform or user-defined waveform (TXT/binary)