Provides a common library of measurement applications presets for custom OFDM demodulation with flexible modulation format, resource mapping, equalizer & tracking, filer and some advanced settings and support easily recalling custom OFDM settings from VSA or xSA setup files.


  • Support spectrum measurement like monitor spectrum, channel power, OBW, CCDF, ACP, SEM and Spurious
  • Support I/Q waveform measurement including both RF envelope and I/Q waveform
  • Support VMA vector modulation analysis custom OFDM measurement with multiple result traces like Raw Main time, Spectrum, I/Q Meas Time, I/Q Meas Spectrum, Error Vector Time, Error Vector Spectrum, Pilot Error, Burst Info etc.
  • Convenient presets for popular formats: 5GTF (PUSCH QPSK/16QAM/64QAM), 3GPP LTE, WLAN 802.11, DAB, CDR, DVB-T/H, ISDB-T, DOCSIS3.1 Downstream and Upstream, DRM (ModeA/ModeB 9K)
  • Provide flexible custom OFDM settings: FFT size, system sample frequency, Half subcarrier shift, upper/lower subcarriers, resource mapping, equalizer & tracking, filer and some advanced settings for synchronization etc.
  • Easily recall 89600 VSA setup files or xSA setup files generated by Signal Studio
  • Support multi-touch user interface and SCPI remote interface programming
  • KeysightCare software support subscription included
  • Keysight supports tiered application models with N-models for UXA/PXA/PXE, E-models for MXA/EXA/MXE/VXT, and W-models for CXA. The higher tiered application models can run at the lower platforms, which means N-models can run on all platforms, E-models can run on MXA/EXA/MXE/VXT and CXA, and W-models can only run on CXA

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