Provides a common library of more than 25 measurement applications presets for digital demodulation with flexible modulation formats, filters, and symbol rate settings.


  • Support spectrum and power measurements: monitor spectrum, channel power, OBW, CCDF, ACP, SEM and Spurious
  • Support I/Q waveform measurement including both RF envelope and I/Q waveform
  • Support digital demod measurement with multiple result traces like Raw Main time, Spectrum, I/Q Meas Time, I/Q Meas Spectrum, Error Vector Time, Error Vector Spectrum, Demod Results, Demod Bits, Frame Summary
  • Support digital modulation formats: 2-64 FSK, BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK, 16-1024QAM, MSK, ASK, APSK, VSB etc
  • Convenient presets for popular formats: NADC, EDGE, PDC, PHS, DVB (16/32/64/256QAM), DVB-S2/S2X (QPSK, 8PSK, 8/16/32/64/128/256 APSK), TETRA, APCO-25, DMR, dPMR, WiSUN (FSK and O-QPSK PHY), WLAN 802.11ay (CB1/CB2/CB3/CB4 MCS12), 802.15.3d, DECT, VDL Mode 2, MIL-STD CPM, SOQPSK-TG etc
  • Support flexible digital modulation format, measurement filter, reference filter, symbol rate etc. settings with custom defined test limit with Pass/Fail indicator, advanced equalizer settings for multiple segments
  • Performance: Absolute amplitude accuracy: up to 0.19 dB, 95% percentile; EVM (QPSK): < 0.5% rms
  • Support multi-touch user interface and SCPI remote interface programming
  • KeysightCare software support subscription included
  • Keysight supports tiered application models with N-models for UXA/PXA/PXE, E-models for MXA/EXA/MXE/VXT, and W-models for CXA. The higher tiered application models can run at the lower platforms, which means N-models can run on all platforms, E-models can run on MXA/EXA/MXE/VXT and CXA, and W-models can only run on CXA

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