Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive Polarization Control and Management Capabilities
  • Covers S-, C- and L-Band plus 1.3μm Window (O-Band)
  • Up to 100K SOPs/s
  • SOP Switching time less than 10us

The Keysight N7784B Polarization Controller contains a high-speed polarization controller plus microcontroller based driving circuitry. This unit can operate in various modes:

As Polarization Stabilizer it provides a stable output State of Polarization (SOP) even with fluctuations and drifts of the input SOP as occurring for example through temperature drift and mechanical settling processes. The stabilized output signal is guided in a Polarization Maintaining Fiber (PMF). Alternatively an external electrical feedback signal can be provided for stabilizing the SOP.

As Synchronous Scrambler the device switches the SOP of the output signal in a (pseudo) random way. Switching of the SOP occurs within few microseconds. The SOP is stable for a predefined time until it again switches to a new SOP. An electrical trigger input can be used to synchronize the scrambler with external events.

As SOP Switch the Keysight N7784B switches to a set of SOPs with high repeatability which allows customized implementations of the Mueller Matrix method for PDL characterization of components.

As traditional Scrambler the Keysight N7784B varies the output SOP smoothly in a random/pseudo random way.

The unit does not contain any moving parts and therefore is robust and withstands even rough environmental conditions. All abovementioned applications of the N7784B are supported by a PC software package.

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