• Comprehensive polarization control and management capabilities
  • Wavelength options to cover entire CWDM wavelength range
  • <10 µs SOP cycling time
  • Robust, no moving optical parts

The Keysight Technologies N7785C is a high-speed synchronous scrambler that can repeatably switch through a series of states of polarization (SOP) with both input and output triggering functions. This unit can operate in various modes:

  • As a synchronous scrambler, the device switches the SOP of the output signal in a (pseudo) random but repeatable pattern. Switching of the SOP occurs within a few microseconds. The SOP is stable for a predefined time until it again switches to a new SOP. An electrical trigger input can be used to synchronize the scrambler with external events.
  • As an SOP switch, the N7785C allows switching the internal waveplates to user definable angles with very high speed and repeatability.
  • As a traditional scrambler, the Keysight N7785C varies the output SOP smoothly in a random walk pattern.
  • As a polarization stabilizer, the Keysight N7785C uses feedback via program commands to set and stabilize the SOP base on an external reference.

Programming uses a new SCPI command set and the instrument is addressed as a VISA resource. The instrument comes in a compact form factor of just one rack height unit, with LAN and USB interfaces.


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