• High-speed operation up to 1M samples/s
  • 1240 nm to 1650 nm operating wavelength range
  • Typical 1.5° state of polarization (SOP) measurement uncertainty
  • Robust, no moving optical parts

The Keysight N7781C is a compact high-speed polarization analyzer that provides comprehensive capabilities for analyzing polarization properties of optical signals. This includes representation of the state of polarization (SOP) on the Poincaré sphere (Stokes parameter). The on-board algorithms together with the on-board calibration data ensure highly accurate operation across a broad wavelength range.
Due to its real time measurement capability of 1 M samples/s, the instrument is well suited for analyzing disturbed and fluctuating signals as well as for control applications requiring real time feedback of polarization information, for example in digital control loops in automated manufacturing test systems.
The built-in user interface allows a comprehensive analysis of the obtained measurement data and replaces the Polarization Navigator software that was required with the N7781B, the predecessor of N7781C. Programming uses a new SCPI command set and the instrument is addressed as a VISA resource. The instrument comes in a compact form factor of just one rack unit height, with LAN and USB interfaces.


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