Probe your device’s signals in extreme testing conditions with this 92-cm pair of matched cables.



  • Characterized to 34 GHz

Operational Temperature Range:

  • - 55 to + 150 degree C when used with MX0100A, MX0106A and MX0109A
  • - 25 to + 80 degree C when with E2677A and other probe heads

Cable Length:

  • 36 inches (92 cm)
  • The N5450B comes with a pair of matched cables

InfiniiMax probing solution for environmental chamber testing, supporting temperatures from – 55 to + 150 degree (Celsius).

  • Flat frequency responses at both ends of extreme temperatures
  • Provides 36 inches of flexible reach
  • Phase matched GPO (male) to GPO (female) cable pair for InfiniiMax probing system

The N5450B is a replacement of the N5450A. The N5450A will be discontinued in June 2012 and will be supported for 5 years until September 2017. The old and new replacements are 100% form, fit, function and price equivalent to the product it replaces.

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