Compact Tool for Complex Modulated Optical Signals
Need a compact optical modulation analyzer (OMA)? The Keysight N4391B optical modulation analyzer combines industry-leading low-noise performance and highest bandwidth with a proven optical front-end architecture into a compact solution for complex optical data transmission and terabit measurement challenges.
A test instrument is necessary to maintain the increased symbol rates exceeding 100 Gbaud and manage the baud rate classes of transceivers for 600 Gb/s to 1.2 Tb/s and beyond. Symbol rates are challenging, but modulation formats are getting more demanding due to the higher-order quadrature amplitude modulation, requiring a step forward in noise performance.
The N4391B optical modulation analyzer based on the latest industry-leading Keysight UXR Series oscilloscopes is the best-suited optical modulation analyzer to support your application requirements.


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