What's New in x1149 2.0

With the new standard of IEEE 1149.1-2013, you can expect around a 75% increase in test coverage with the following test capabilities:

  • Register mnemonic
  • IC reset control
  • Component initialization mechanism
  • Segmented boundary scan register
  • Power domain support
  • Test mode persistence
  • Electronic Chip Identification (ECID)
  • Procedural Description Language (PDL)


x1149 Boundary Scan Analyzer - Versatile yet Easy to use Board Test  Tool

The x1149 is a tool for engineers to perform structural tests, such as open and short tests on their PCBAs. It also performs In-System Programming for devices such as FPGAs and CPLDs.

Additionally, x1149 programs PROM (Programmable Read-Only Memory) devices and execute memory verification tests on devices such as DDR SDRAMs (Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory).

x1149 2.0 Features

  • IEEE Standards
    • 1149.1-2013 (New)
    • 1149.1-2001 
    • 1149.6-2003
    • 1687-2014 
  • Custom test with Insert Source Language (ISL) 2.0
  • Support Autobank and Scan Path Linker

Test Development

  • Maximize test coverage on connectors and non-boundary scan ICs
  • Excellent debug tools
  • Actionable pin-level failure reporting
  • In-system Programming


  • Excellent Test Coverage for Netcom, Server Products, and Automotive customers
  • IEEE 1687 Solution for Board Test and Embedded Instrumentation testing
  • Automated Configuration of Scan Path Linkers

Key Specifications

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Keysight boundary scan analyzer

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