• Smaller than half the size of existing solder-in probe heads
  • Flex printed circuit to make it flat and flexible
  • 25 GHz bandwidth when used with MX0023A and 12 GHz bandwidth when used with 1169B
  • Excellent probe loading – 0.17 pF
  • Reusable
  • Comes with 5 probe heads, 1 bullet adapter and 1 4-mil wire spool (opt 001)
  • Compatible with InfiniiMax I/II probe amps
  • Operating temperature characteristics
    o -55°C dwell, 1000 hours minimum
    o +150°C dwell, 1000 hours minimum
    o -55°C to 150°C cycles, 1000 cycles minimum per JEDEC JESD22-A104 revision E

The MX0100A is the smallest and highest performance solder-in probe head on the market, optimized for probing modern high-speed devices. The micro probe head is a micro solder-in head for use with Keysight InfiniiMax I/II and RC probe amplifiers designed to access small geometry target devices. The probe head is made out of flex printed circuit making it light, flexible, small, and yet highly usable and reusable. The solderable lead wires of the MX0100A ensure a secure connection to the DUT. The 4-mil diameter lead wires can be adjusted to accommodate targets from 0 mm to 7 mm apart.

For extended temperature testing, the MX0100A supports extreme operating temperature of -55 °C to +150 °C per JEDEC JESD22-A104 revision E, making it ideal for testing electronics circuits and devices in environmental chambers.

MX0100A InfiniiMax II Micro Probe Head Kit

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