Keysight's F9642A 2D Multi-Probe Anechoic Chamber (MPAC) Pro is a shielded anechoic chamber for protocol and functional testing of FR2 frequencies with direct far-field capability and FR1 4X4 MIMO throughput capability supporting extreme temperature control and thermal imaging.

The chamber includes connections for up to six FR2 RF heads connected to a range of up to three feed antenna locations, arranged in an arc to simulate variable angles of arrivals or multiple beams. The FR2 antennas are located within the angle of +/-15° from the positioner rotation center, creating the angle of 30° for a range length of 106 cm.

There are four dual-polarized FR1 antennas located in each corner of the roof with room for polarization rotation to provide maximal signal de-correlation.

Thermal camera is also located on the roof to give unobstructed view to Device-Under-Test (DUT).

The DUT is placed in a software-controlled positioner, capable of providing full spherical coverage.

Key Specifications

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