The Keysight E6705A GSM/GPRS/EGPRS Encryption software is used with the E6701F/E6704A lab application software on the 8960 to test mobile devices employing ciphering.


Test GSM/GPRS/EGPRS Mobile Device Performance with Ciphering

The E6705A provides a license that enables encryption within the E6701/E6704 lab application. It enables the GSM encryption algorithms A5/1 and A5/3, along with GPRS encryption algorithms. The E6705A requires an E6701 GSM/GPRS lab application to operate (an additional E6704A EGPRS license is optional). Download the E6701 lab application to access the E6705A functionality.

With ciphering enabled, raw data and the Ciphering Key(Kc) are used as the input to the Ciphering Algorithm. The resultant data is transmitted over the air interface and decrypted using the same algorithm and ciphering key at the other end.

Selectable ciphering algorithms supported:

  • GSM A5/1
  • GSM A5/3
  • Off

The software includes a settable T3360 GMM Authentication and Ciphering response timer, and T3260 MM Authentication response timer. It has automatic default support for the Keysight test uSIM, and manual entry of Kc, RAND and SRES for other uSIM types.

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