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N8993A GS-8800 Series (8960) Wireless Communication Design Verification (DV) Bench-top System

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Data Sheet


The Keysight Technologies, Inc. N8993A is one piece of the GS-8800 family of test systems, which covers the entire product lifecycle:

- N8993A wireless communication design verification (DV) benchtop system

- N1960A wireless communication design verification (DV) and conformance test(CT) racked system

The N8993A is designed for R&D early phase development of mobile phones, and for manufacturing or quality assurance testing before going to market. In the design verification environment, tests can be easily configured or modified to suit your specific test requirements.

The N8993A can be upgraded to the N1960A RF design verification and conformance test platform by re-using the hardware and software. The N8993A can also be easily upgraded to support new radio technology formats, allowing you to stay up to date with the latest technologies and safeguard your investment.

The N8993A is a flexible bench-top system solution that provides superior flexibility and great performance for “just-enough” test case coverage, and it supports multiple radio technology formats. The N8993A performs high accuracy measurements and provides excellent repeatability and performance test. The multitechnology test platform supports:

- GSM/GPRS/EGPRS (3GPP TS51.010-01)



- cdmaOne/cdma2000/1xEV-DO/1xEV-DO Rev. A (3GPP2 C.S0011 and 3GPP2 C.S0033)

The N8993A meets existing radio format requirements while providing a flexible upgrade path for future formats. The system architecture makes it easy to modify or scale the system configuration to provide the test capabilities needed for the different stages of your product’s life cycle - from R&D to manufacturing or quality assurance test applications.

Plus, the system’s single-platform scalability for multiple radio technology formats, bands, and product life-cycle safeguards your investment.

In addition, the flexible measurement software provides users full control over parameters, as well as the ability to stress designs through a broad range of frequencies and power levels.

The N8993A is equipped with an easy-to-use user interface, making it simple for end users to change test parameters and run design verification tests.

The system can be easily upgraded to include other radio formats on the same hardware platform simply by adding the necessary radio format software option. In addition, the systems can be scaled up to the N1960A to support more test case coverage for design verification testing or conformance testing.

The N8993A provides accurate measurements and repeatable results due to equipment stability. It leverages the measurement speed, accuracy, and repeatability strengths of Keysight products; creating reliable, high performance design verification test systems.

The N8993A covers “just-enough” test cases specified in 3GPP TS51.010-01, 3GPP TS34.121-1, 3GPP TS34.122, 3GPP2 C.S0011, and 3GPP2 C.S0033. Keysight is committed to supporting more test case sections and enhancing test coverage as technology standards evolve.

The N8993A Software and Technical Support Contract (STSC) is available for purchase which entitles you to software updates and feature enhancements, as well as direct access to a technical expert for technical support for the period of the STSC contract. A minimum 1-year STSC is mandatory for new system purchases. 

The N8993A’s GS-8800 measurement software is based on the Keysight Wireless Test Manager (WTM)2 platform and automates RF parametric tests according to the specified supported standards. The software’s great value lies in its functions and features, which are specially designed to enhance the user’s R&D design verification test experience. 

The software is also designed with a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI). In addition, the GS-8800 measurement software is able to selectively perform subtests for a chosen test step to reduce the time required to identify root-cause failures. 

The software automates test execution to enable a large number of test cases to run in a relatively short time frame. 

The software provides integrated data collection. Results reporting, saved in a commaseparated value (CSV) format, allows easy sharing with other applications. The viewer software application, provided as a standard option, allows you to perform off-line graphical analysis on measurement data. 


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