A New Standard for Ceramic Capacitor Production Tests

The Keysight Technologies, Inc. E4981A capacitance meter provides the best performance for ceramic capacitor manufacturing tests. Offering fast measurement speed and outstanding accuracy, the E4981A is the new standard in this industry.

Measurement Time

  • High speed measurement: 2.3 ms (1 MHz), 3.0 ms (1 kHz), 11.0 ms (120 Hz)

Basic Accuracy

  • Accurate C-D testing: 0.07%, 0.0005

More Features

  • 9 Bin Sorting
  • 256 Multi-channel correction
  • Compatible SCPI command and Handler/Scanner interfaces with the 4268A and 4288A
  • Test signal level compensation for high value ceramic capacitor tests 
  • Versatile PC connectivity (LAN, USB and GPIB)

A Complete Solution that Replaces the 4268A and 4288A

  • Fast measurement speed – 2 ms (From trigger to EOM at 1 MHz)
  • Accurate and repeatable measurements, even small capacitance can be measured.
  • Wide measurement range from small to large capacitance 0 F to 2.0 mF
    • (0 F to 1.5 nF/1 MHz)
    • (68 pF to 200 nF/1 kHz)
    • (6.8 nF to 2 mF/120 Hz)
  • Compatibility with the 4268A and 4288A
    • SCPI commands
    • Handler I/F
    • Scanner I/F
  • Enhanced functions for production test
    • Enhanced contact failure detections
    • Synchronous source
    • Frequency shift (±1%, ±2%) at 1 MHz
    • Faster data transfer

The E4981A capacitance meter offers a high-speed with reliable measurements for ceramic capacitor testing in the production lines. The E4981A realizes the measurement capabilities of capacitance from small to large values with accurate measurements. The E4981A capacitance meter contributes improvements of the test throughput, while attaining excellent component quality for ceramic capacitor testing.

Product Update: E4981B Capacitance Meter is the replacement product of E4981A and E4981A will be discontinued on Dec.1, 2024.

Key Specifications

Primary Applications
Ceramic Capacitors
High-value multi-layer ceramic capacitors
Primary Applications
Ceramic Capacitors
High-value multi-layer ceramic capacitors
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Basic Accuracy:
0.05%, D:0.0005 (specification) 0.042%, D:0.0003 (typical)
DC Bias:
120 Hz/1 kHz/1 MHz (option 001), 120 Hz /1 kHz (option 002)
Maximum Frequency:
1 MHz
Four Terminal Pair (4TP)
Measurement Functions:
Primary Applications:
Ceramic Capacitors
High-value multi-layer ceramic capacitors
2.3 msec (1 MHz), 3.0 msec (1 kHz), 11.0 msec (120 Hz)
Target DUT:

Standard Configurations

capacitance meter

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Capacitance Meter FAQ

A capacitance meter is an electronic test equipment used to measure the capacitance of a capacitor. Capacitance is typically measured in farads (F), the amount of capacitance that can store one coulomb of electric charge when charged to a potential difference of one volt. A capacitance meter is a device that measures the capacitance, as well as other related parameters such as Dissipation factor(D), Quality factor (Q), and Equivalent parallel / series resistances (Rp / Rs), etc. Keysight provides a series of LCR meters and impedance analyzers.

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