• 4 Channel simultaneous sampling with differential inputs
  • Sample rates of up to 100 kSa/s (in frequency domain) and up to 800 kSa/s (in time domain) with 24-bit resolution
  • Differential input range selectable up to 36 Vpk
  • IEPE current source (2mA - 4mA)
  • Acquisition memory/channel, 16 MSa to 48 MSa

The Keysight DAQM909A module enables the DAQ970A and DAQ973A Data Acquisition System to perform dynamic data acquisition for applications such as harmonic and noise distortion, power analysis, and acoustic characterization of electromechanical devices.

Each channel can be independently programmed to one of four input modes, and current source settings. Three of these modules put together in a single mainframe can provide 12 channels of simultaneous digitization.

Standard Product Includes:

  • 1 DAQM909A, 4 Channel Simultaneous Sampling Module
  • 1 Functional Test Certificate
DAQM909A 4 Channel Simultaneous Sampling Module

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