Next-Generation Data Acquisition System

Get the next-generation data acquisition (DAQ) system with a three-slot mainframe and your choice of nine plug-in modules. Interface with the DAQ using Keysight BenchVue DAQ software or use the intuitive graphical front panel with task-oriented, self-guiding menus.

  • Three-slot mainframe with built-in 6½-digit DMM
  • Nine switch and control plug-in modules
  • Measures and converts 12 different input signals: temperature with thermocouples, RTDs and thermistors, dc/ac volts, 2- and 4-wire resistance, frequency and period, dc/ac current, and capacitance
  • Choice of USB, LAN, or GPIB interfaces for easy connectivity to your PC
  • Graphical Web interface for point and click monitor and control
  • USB flash drive support to copy/log data in standalone applications

There Is No Comparison

What can you expect from a data acquisition system that is this affordable? Measurements you can trust. The powerful measurement performance, flexibility, connectivity options, cost factor, and ease-of-use of the DAQ970A / DAQ973A combine to outpace all other data acquisition systems — even in systems costing three to five times as much.

  • Built-in signal conditioning
  • Standard PC connectivity
  • Convenient data storage with USB flash drive
  • Virtual front-panel control via the BenchVue web interface
  • Custom configurations that grow with you
DAQ970A Benefit image

Key Specifications

Max Scanning Speed

450 channels/sec

Max Sampling Rate

800 kSa/sec

Maximum Amps

1 A

Maximum Volts

300 V

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Temperature Data Logger With A DAQ970A / DAQ973A

Discover how to use a DAQ970A / DAQ973A paired with a DAQM901A multiplex module to measure thermistors on a temperature cube and see how the fan impacts the system. DAQ systems can also be used to measure:

  • AC to DC power converters
  • Battery packs
  • Medical devices
  • Radio communication devices and more

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