• Measures more than 100 dB wide dynamic range by a single measurement
  • Occupies two channels of CX3300 series mainframe
  • 40 nA to 1 A current waveform measurements
  • Maximum stand-alone bandwidth: 100 MHz
  • Common mode voltage range up to ±12 V
  • Low input resistance: 410 mΩ typical or 50 Ω typical
  • The CX1203A Sensor Head is furnished

The CX1102A Dual Channel Current Sensor uses two channels on the CX3300 series mainframe and enables much wider dynamic measurement range. The primary channel and the secondary channel are synchronized and have 100 times range difference, and you can view both waveforms simultaneously on a CX3300 mainframe. It is very useful when you measure wide dynamic range current waveforms such as in low power wireless devices or low power microcontrollers, which operates intermittently between sleep/standby and active states. It features wide measurement ranges from 40 nA to 1 A, 100 MHz stand-alone maximum bandwidth, and up to ±12 V common mode voltage range. Using a Sensor Head enables the electric connection to DUT. One unit of CX1203 Coaxial Termination Sensor Head and cables are furnished, so you can start measurements immediately. The wideband noise suppressed current measurement technology allows you to measure low-level current waveforms with small input resistance, typically 410 mΩ.

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