Make comprehensive radar analysis of FMCW signals in time, frequency, and modulation domains.


  • Analyze Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar signals used in automotive radar, industrial, surveillance, aerospace and defense radar applications
  • Automatically synchronize to FMCW radar signals comprised of multi-chirp linear FM modulation patterns
  • Visualize FMCW signal modulation characteristics and impairment errors within the synchronized amplitude, phase, frequency (FM) and frequency slope (FM Slope) trace results
  • Verify all key FMCW signal modulation performance indicators relating to power, time, phase, frequency (FM) and frequency slope rate using a comprehensive FMCW region table
  • Accumulate performance data statistics for each reported FMCW metric over single or multiple acquisitions using the FMCW current record statistics and cumulative statistics, along with graphical histogram and trend line trace plots
  • Gain deeper insight into your signal’s time and frequency dynamic and spurious performance with powerful and flexible trace views such as spectrogram and cumulative history
  • Select from more than 40 Keysight measurement platforms to meet your specific design and test goals

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