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Y-factor method

● Signal analyzers with noise figure application
● Noise figure analyzers

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PNA-X Cold source method ● PNA-X microwave network analyzers   Downloadable zip file, requires VEE Jan, 2012
FieldFox Y-Factor Method ● FieldFox Handheld Microwave Analyzers Instrument specifications, user entered or pre-defined preamplifier and noise source specifications, characteristics of DUT and selectable system information Downloadable Excel file Sept 2019

Rapid growth in satellite and wireless communications markets has contributed to the need for improved overall system performance which, in turn, applies pressure to improve the noise figure measurement and performance of subsystems and their components.

To do this accurately, it is necessary to understand how a number of variables affect the overall measurement uncertainty. For measurements with an analyzer that measures noise figure, the measurement system contributors typically include:

  • the analyzer itself
  • the noise source
  • the characteristics of the device under test (DUT)

These factors interact in a complex way, but the overall measurement uncertainty can be modeled.  The purpose of our 'Noise Figure Uncertainty Calculator' is to provide the measurement uncertainty associated with a particular DUT based on its characteristics and the specifications of the measurement system. For the model to be accurate in the Y-factor measurement technique case, the DUT must have reasonable reverse isolation, so that mismatch on one port does not drastically affect the impedance seen at the other port. For a more complete analysis refer to the article "Calculate the Uncertainty of NF Measurements", written by Duncan Boyd, Microwaves & RF October 1999, pp.93-102.