MEMS device sm

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MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) is the technology to build very small devices, whose range is generally from a millimeter to a micrometer. NEMS (Nano Electro Mechanical Systems) is similar but its range is a nanometer. MEMS/NEMS device is the integrated device, on which movable parts, sensor, actuator, and electronic circuit are built by MEMS/NEMS technology.

Keysight Technologies offers several instruments to help the R&D activity of the MEMS/NEMS device.

Keysight can help you to establish more accurate device modeling, more efficient failure analysis, and better process by the solutions below.

Measurements, Example Devices & Solutions

Displacement→Electric Signal Transducer Technology (Sensor)
  Electrostatic Piezoelectric Magneto-impedance
Pressure Sensor   X   X -
Accelerometer   X   X   X
Gyroscope   X   X -
Flow Sensor -   X -
Magnetometer - -   X
Electric Signal→Displacement Transducer Technology (Actuator)
  Electrostatic Electromagnetic Piezoelectric Other Information
Optical Switch   X   X -   Optical Evaluation
Optical Scanner   X   X   X   Optical Evaluation