GoldenGate 2017 includes the following new capabilities:

  • Safe Operating Area (SOA)
  • TSMC Model Interface (TMI)
  • Simulation Speed Improvement
  • New and Updated Model Support


GoldenGate RFIC Simulation SoftwareGoldenGate 2017 delivers new and enhanced capabilities that improve productivity and efficiency for Silicon RFIC designers.

Safe Operating Area (SOA)

With SOA, GoldenGate 2017 enhances circuit reliability by automatically ensuring all devices operate within their safe operating areas – rules set by the PDK and/or the user. GoldenGate 2017 produces appropriate warnings, and highlights the failing devices in the schematic, simplifying the debugging process. This feature replaces tedious and unreliable manual checks.

TSMC Model Interface (TMI)

The use of the new and fast TSMC silicon processes – 16nm FinFET or later – which all require TMI support, makes it possible to design mm-wave circuits with silicon. Doing so enables the mass production of transceivers employed by systems adhering to the upcoming communications standards. Now that GoldenGate supports TMI, users can take full advantage of many of GoldenGate’s strengths, such as robust simulation convergence and fast simulation speed, while designing the latest and greatest circuits.

Simulation Speed Improvement

GoldenGate 2017 significantly improves its envelope transient simulation time by introducing 4x parallel threading. Relatively long envelope transient simulation runs benefit the most, and that is where speed matters the most.

New and Updated Model Support

GoldenGate 2017 adds support for the following models: BSIM-IMG 102.6.1, 102.7, and 102.8, BSIM-CMG 106.1, 107, 108, and 110, BSIM-CMG Level = 72, BSIMSOI 4.4, CMC Diode, MOSVAR 1.3, Leti-UTSOI 2.20, HiSIM HV 2.10 and 2.3.1, HiSIM 2.9.0, HICUM L0 1.32, and HICUM L2 2.34.

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