Below is the complete list of current BenchVue software apps.

For an overview of BenchVue software, visit the BenchVue home page.

Keysight BenchVue software makes it simple to connect, control instruments, and automate test sequences so you can quickly move past the test development phase and access results faster than ever before with just a few clicks. BenchVue software apps connect to over 700 Keysight instruments and counting. See full list of BenchVue supported instruments

BenchVue Software Control. Automate. Simplify.

Use the table below to quickly access BenchVue app pages for more information and downloads. App download links provided here can be used for offline installations or to get an older version of the app.

BenchVue Control, Automation & Analysis Apps Description Download now
BenchVue Software Platform BenchVue Platform provides an environment to manage BenchVue Applications and Instruments without programming. Use the Installation Wizard for the best installation experience. Download
(Internet connection required during Installation)
Keysight Instrument Control Bundle

For Installations without internet access download the Instrument Control Bundle:
Download an ISO file of the Keysight Instrument Control DVD to burn your own disc for use on other PCs.

Download .ISO version of DVD
BenchVue Complete Control Collection (BV9001B) Provides a collection of BenchVue instrument control, automation and analysis apps to enable BenchVue efficiencies with multiple instruments. See BV9001B product page for details. Download
Digital Multimeter App (BV0001B) Control your DMM to quickly build automated tests, log measurements, and save valuable time. Download
Function Generator App (BV0002B) Control your function generators, build automated tests, and design custom waveforms. Download
Power Supply App (BV0003B) Control your power supplies to set parameters and quickly build automated tests. Download
Oscilloscope App (BV0004B) Control your oscilloscopes to quickly build automated tests and log data for analysis. Download
Data Acquisition App (BV006B) Control your data acquisition units, easily visualize measurements and log data. Download
Power Meter/Power Sensor App (BV0007B) Control your power meters and power sensors, analyze RF power measurements and quickly log data. Download
FieldFox App (BV0010B) Control FieldFox analyzers, build automated tests and quickly capture measurements over time. Download
Universal Counter App (BV0011B) Control your counters to quickly build automated tests and log data for faster analysis. Download
Electronic Load App (BV0012B) Control your electronic loads, build automated tests, and visualize measurements over time. Download
Current Analyzer App (BV0013B) Control your Current Analyzers to quickly build automated tests and log data for analysis. Download
LCR Meter App (BV0014B) Control your LCR meters, setup and run sweeps, build automated tests, and visualize measurements over time. Download
Network Analyzer App (BV9001B) Control your network analyzers, quickly build automated tests, and acquire trace data. Download
Signal Generator App (BV9001B) Control signal generators to build automated tests and set parameters for faster analysis. Download
Spectrum Analyzer App (BV9001B) Control your spectrum or signal analyzers, build automated tests, and log trace data. Download
Power Analyzer App (N/A no-cost) Control your power analyzers, quickly visualize measurements, and easily log data. Download
USB Modular Digital Multimeter Pro App (BV0021A) Control your USB modular digital multimeter to visualize measurements, perform data logging and annotate captured data. Download
USB Modular Function Generator Pro App (BV0022A) Control your USB modular function generator to set waveform properties and load custom arbitrary waveforms from files or drag-and-drop from a USB modular oscilloscope. Download
USB Modular SMU Pro App (BV0023A) Control your USB modular source measure unit (SMU) to visualize measurements, perform data logging and annotate captured data Download
USB Modular Oscilloscope Pro App (BV0024A) Control you USB modular oscilloscope to quickly capture and annotate screen images, record trace data and data log measurements. Download
USB Modular DAQ Pro App (BV0025A) Control your USB modular data acquisition units to data log and visualize measurements in data grid and strip charts display options. Download
Serial Control App Send and receive commands in BenchVue to your serial devices Download

 BenchVue Software Licensing Information

  • BenchVue Platform Software does not require a license. NOTE: BenchVue Platform Software is a prerequisite for all BenchVue apps.
  • Demo mode using virtual instruments does not require a license. Enable demo mode after installing BenchVue Platform Software.
  • Most BenchVue Apps require a license. To enable free trials see instructions below.
  • Licenses for all Apps can be purchased and installed at any time without re-installation of the BenchVue Platform Software or individual apps.
  • Existing licenses for BenchLink Waveform Builder Pro software are applicable, and new licenses of the BenchVue Function Generator Control & Automation App enable BenchLink Waveform Builder Pro software.
  • License management software is installed with the BenchVue Platform Software.
  • BenchVue now offers flexible licensing: from fixed single PC licenses to network floating licenses for multiple PCs. See details below.
  • If you have a BenchVue Network Floating License you will need to setup a license server. See step-by-step instruction guide below.
  • Keysight also offers attractive pricing for educational institutions. Learn more.
  • Many Keysight instruments now include a BenchVue license with instrument purchase. For more details visit:

License Terms, License Types, and Support Subscriptions

You can now choose your license type (node-locked (fixed), transportable, floating (single site), or USB portable), license term (perpetual or time-based license), and then choose the support subscription period that best meets your needs. See more details below.

License Terms

License Term Description
Perpetual Perpetual licenses can be used indefinitely.
Time-Based Time-based licenses can be used through the terms of the license(6,12,24 month options available). 

License Types

License Type Description
Node-locked License can be used on one specified instrument/computer.
Transportable License can be used on one instrument/computer at a time but may be transferred to another using Keysight Software Manager (internet connection required).
USB Portable License can be used on one instrument/computer at a time but may be transferred to another using a USB dongle. Available for additional purchase, Keysight part number E8900-D10.
Floating(single site) Networked instruments/computers can access a license from a server one at a time. Multiple licenses can be purchased for concurrent usage.

Support Subscriptions

License Term Support Subscription
Perpetual Perpetual licenses are sold with a 12 (default), 24, 36, or 60-month software support subscription. Support subscriptions may be renewed for a fee after that.
Time-Based Time-based licenses include a software support subscription through the term of the license.

Ordering New BenchVue Software Apps and Collections 

Step 1: Choose your software product.

Step 2: Choose your license terms: perpetual or time based.

Step 3: Choose your license type: node-locked, transportable, USB portable, or floating.

Step 4: Depending on the license term, choose your support subscription duration. 

1 USB portable license requires a certified USB dongle (available for additional purchase, Keysight part number E8900-D10

How to Enable Free Trials

7 day and extended free trials are included with BenchVue apps.

  • Open the downloaded file, launching the installer and follow installation instructions.
  • Open Keysight BenchVue software and go to the Apps tab.
  • Click the Details button for your app and choose to Start a trial or apply for a license. This will provide a 7-day instant trial.
  • After your 7 days trial has expired, click on the button again to apply for an extended trial. This will take you to an online licensing web page for your BenchVue app where you can get a free trial license for a longer period of use.