BenchVue Software

Signal Generator Control & Automation

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Installs on: Computer

Key Features

  • Available exclusively through the BenchVue Complete Control Bundle
  • Easily configure and control your signal generator with simple point and click operations
  • Quickly save and recall arbitrary waveforms using the built-in arb browser
  • Conveniently set up modulated signals using a common PC interface across different signal generator models
  • Rapidly develop custom test procedures or sequences with Test Flow
  • Deeper instrument controls with Command Expert integration
  • KeysightCare software support subscription included

This Bundle Includes

  • BenchVue Signal Generator Control & Automation App
  • Plus all apps available in the BenchVue Complete Control Collection
  • Test Flow automation for signal generators
  • Integrated Command Expert features for deeper Test Flow automation


Prerequisite Software

In order to use this bundle, you must also have the following:

System Requirements

Instrument Compatibility

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PathWave BenchVue Software — Software apps for easy instrument control and simplified automation.

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