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BenchVue Software

Digital Multimeter Control & Automation

This bundle is part of PathWave BenchVue Software

Installs on: Mobile

Key Features

  • Quickly connect, control, display measurements, charts, tables, or histograms from a single instrument or multiple multimeters to correlate trends you might otherwise miss
  • Rapidly build custom test procedures or sequences with Test Flow
  • Quickly log and export data to popular tools, such as MATLAB and Microsoft Excel or Word for further analysis in only a few clicks
  • Remotely access and control tests on your multimeter with the companion BenchVue Mobile App and monitor or respond to long-running tests from anywhere
  • Deeper instrument controls with Command Expert integration
  • KeysightCare software support subscription included
  • License included with new instrument purchase

This Bundle Includes

  • BenchVue Digital Multimeter Control & Automation App
  • Test Flow automation for DMMs
  • Integrated Command Expert features for deeper Test Flow automation


Prerequisite Software

In order to use this bundle, you must also have the following:

System Requirements

Instrument Compatibility

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PathWave BenchVue Software — Software apps for easy instrument control and simplified automation.

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